Monday, 26 February 2018

Pronunciation Guide to Springtail Names

Some of the Latin binomial names for springtails are difficult to pronounce, so this is my attempt to make this hurdle easier to get over. In modern usage there is no absolute "correct" way to pronounce Latin words. In classical Latin, there was no soft c, so c's were pronounced as k (hard c). In modern usage, the soft c is more common, even though classical scholars may be offended by this. It's often said that Latin is a living language, and if it is, it has to change with the times. If you disagree with my suggested pronunciations, that's fine (I'm no Latin expert). This guide for the bewildered is only trying to give people a place to start.

Allacma fusca - ah-lack-ma fuss-cah

Campodea fragilis - cam-poe-dee-ah fra-jill-iss

Cyphoderus albinus - sigh-foh-dare-uss al-bin-uss

Deuterosminthurus pallipes - dew-ter-oh-smin-thew-ure-uss pal-lip-ees

Dicyrtoma fusca - dice-toe-ma fuss-cah

Dicyrtomidae - dice-toe-min-id-ay

Dicyrtomina saundersi - dice-toe-me-nah saunders-eye

Entomobrya albocincta - ent-toe-moe-bry-ah albo-sink-tah

Entomobrya intermedia - ent-toe-moe-bry-ah inter-media

Entomobrya multifasciata - ent-toe-moe-bry-ah multi-fass-see-atah

Entomobrya nicoleti - ent-toe-moe-bry-ah nicole-etty

Entomobrya nivalis - ent-toe-moe-bry-ah niv-allis

Entomobryidae - ent-toe-moe-bry-id-ay

Folsomia candida - foll-sow-miah can-did-ah

Heteromurus nitidus - hetero-mure-uss nit-id-uss

Hypogastrura viatica - hypo-gast-true-rah vih-ah-tih-cah

Hypogastruridae - hypo-gast-true-rid-ay

Isotoma viridis - iso-toe-mah vir-id-iss

Isotomidae - iso-toe-mid-ay

Isotomurus palustris - iso-toe-mure-uss pal-uss-tris

Isotomurus plumosus - iso-toe-mure-uss plume-oh-sus

Jordanathrix nr. superba - jordan-ah-thrix superb-ah

Katiannidae - kat-ian-id-ay

Lepidocyrtus lignorum - lep-id-oh-sir-tuss lig-nor-um

Lepidocyrtus violaceus - lep-id-oh-sir-tuss viol-ace-ee-uss

Orchesella cincta - ork-ess-sellah sink-tah

Orchesella villosa - ork-ess-sellah vill-oh-sah

Pogonognathellus flavescens - pogo-noh-nath-ell-uss flav-ess-sens

Pogonognathellus longicornis - pogo-noh-nath-ell-uss long-ghee-corn-iss

Sminthuridae - smin-thee-ure-id-ay

Sminthurides aquaticus - smin-thee-ure-id-ease aq-quat-tee-cuss

Sminthurides malmgreni - smin-thee-ure-id-ease malm-gren-ee

Sminthurinus aureus - smin-thee-ure-id-ease ore-ee-uss

Sminthurus viridis - smin-thee-ure-uss vir-id-iss

Tomoceridae - tom-oh-ser-id-ay

Tomocerus minor - tom-oh-ser-uss

Tomocerus vulgaris - tom-oh-ser-uss vulg-arr-iss

Vertagopus arboreus - verta-goh-pus ar-bore-ee-uss

Vertagopus cinereus - verta-goh-pus sin-err-air-ee-uss

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