Wednesday, 14 March 2018


Desoria - covered in short setae (hairs)
Isotoma - long setae on all body segments
Isotomurus - long setae on abd5+6 only

11.03.18 SK508071 ~1.5mm in Beech leaf litter:
Desoria sp.

I haven't formally recorded this specimen but I'm 95% sure it is Desoria tigrina (better dorsal shots needed to confirm):
mucro has four teeth but does not possess a lateral seta
Under unfavourable conditions, six prominent spines may develop on abd5

c.f. Desoria violacea:
To distinguish between Desoria violacea and D. tigrina in addition to colour pattern, find the ratio of the longest seta on abd5 to the length of the segment. For D. tigrina this ratio is <0.7 while D. violacea has longer seta with a ratio around 1.1.

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