Thursday, 1 March 2018

Tomocerus minor

Tomocerus minor

Tomocerus minor is an extremely common and widespread species, up to ~4.5mm long. As will all all Tomocerus species, the body is heavily covered in dark scales, but these can be easily lost in preserved specimens, changing the appearance to a golden colour:

Tomocerus minor

In T. minor, the empodium of the foot is about two-thirds the length of the claw:

Tomocerus minor - Claw

The spines on the inner side of the dens are tridentate, a highly characteristic feature which makes it impossible to confuse with any other species:

Tomocerus minor - Dens

Males can be recognized by the presence of a genital plate with circumgenital setae, absent in females, as seen here.

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