Tuesday, 15 May 2018

05.05.18 - Tugby

For various reasons I haven't managed to do any collecting for a few weeks but I was able to put that right on Saturday at a wooded site near Tugby. I sampled from under logs and by brushing tree trunks (mostly moss-covered Ash). Orchesella cincta was by far the most abundant species in both samples with large numbers of adults and juveniles present as well as smaller numbers of Entomobrya nivalis.

Under logs I found Tomocerus minor in good numbers and a few Dicyrtomina minuta, a species I have not encountered previously in VC55:
Dicyrtomina minuta

What was more surprising were good numbers of adult and juvenile Dicyrtoma fusca var. rufescens - a leucistic form of D. fusca with dark ocelli on a pale eyepatch. This is the first time I have seen this variant:
Dicyrtoma fusca var. rufescens

Dicyrtoma fusca var. rufescens

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