Tuesday, 22 May 2018


Genus Heterosminthurus

  • Heterosminthurus bilineatus - moderately common (see below).
  • Heterosminthurus claviger - rare, a montane species found in pennine grasslands (similar in appearance to H. bilineatus, see below).
  • Heterosminthurus insignis - moderately common (a uniform yellow colour).
  • Heterosminthurus novemlineatus - very rare (yellow in colour with several (usually nine hence novemlineatus) longitudinal bands of dark pigment).

I am not currently aware of any Heterosminthurus records other than Heterosminthurus bilineatus from VC55.

Heterosminthurus bilineatus:
Heterosminthurus bilineatus

In H. claviger the lateral stripes are connected posteriorly unlike H. bilineatus (here) which has separate lateral stripes:
Heterosminthurus bilineatus
H. claviger males (but not females) have peculiar paddle-shaped interocular setae.

The fourth antennal segment (ant4) is subdivided into about six subsegments:
Heterosminthurus bilineatus

Heterosminthurus bilineatus

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